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Making a knot in your handkerchief to remind you of something important has been common practice for ages. Sadly, handkerchiefs are not very common anymore, so today, we would like to bring this lovable habit back into your life with "Remember!", the fastest and most intuitive todo application ever.

"Remember!" is an animated handkerchief for your iPhone/iPod touch. Tap the screen to make a knot, tap it again to undo the knot. It couldnt be easier! Enjoy the smooth animation of the handkerchief knotting and unknotting itself, and let the well-known red badge on the applications icon remind you of your task later.

Some folks might ask "but how will I remember what it was?". Well, thats up to you, of course. But weve discovered that this little memory exercise is really fun. Trust your brain! Its the most powerful mobile computing device of them all.

... but refrain from blowing your nose with it please!